Department of Psychiatry

Strong Recovery Addiction Psychiatry Service

Mission of Service

In partnership with patients, families, and the community, we promote recovery from addiction and mental illness through an integrated healthcare system that values both cultural diversity and linkage with teaching and research.

Target Population

Strong Recovery provides outpatient chemical dependency and opiate treatment services for individuals 18 and older with a primary substance use disorder. For methadone maintenance, there is a special admission track for pregnant women and patients with HIV/AIDS. Strong Recovery has always provided services to individuals from all walks of life regardless of social-economic status.

Description of Service Providers

Our services are staffed by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers including ABAM Certified Physicians in Addiction Medicine, Registered Nurses, and a team of Counselors with a wide range of credentials that includes: credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselors, certified social workers, licensed mental health counselors and a trained marriage & family therapist..

Types of Services Provided

Our division provides an array of treatments including:

Outpatient Chemical Dependency Services

  • Substance Use Disorder and Co-Occurring Disorder services which begins with a Stabilization phase that meets at least 3 days per week. These services offer equivalent programming in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  • Some specialized services designed specifically to meet the needs of the criminal justice population, women, opioid dependence, etc.

  • We also offer Sobriedad Fuerte which is designed to meet unique needs of our Hispanic population with co-occurring disorders.  Appointments for this service can be made directly by call (585) 275-8670.

  • Action and Aftercare phases of care follow the Stabilization phase and are often coupled with Relapse Prevention, Family Group and/or specialty groups to better meet patient needs.

  • Specialty groups (Women’s, Men’s, Family, Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Anxiety Management, Basic Recovery skills, Chronic Health Management, Smoking Cessation, etc.) are available.

Multiple modalities are provided, including group, individual and family therapy, and psychological consultation. Two psychiatrists and an Addiction Medicine Physician provide psychiatric evaluation and ongoing psychopharmacological medication management including Buprenorphine.

Methadone Maintenance

  • Methadone Maintenance services include comprehensive and individualized treatment for opioid dependent individuals. The program includes individual counseling, group counseling, patient education and support. There is extensive linkage and consultation with the Infectious Disease Clinic, the High Risk Obstetrics Clinic, and other Strong Recovery services.
  • Methadone Maintenance Treatment also includes the multiple phases of treatment as described in the outpatient chemical dependency services section above.

Special Features of Service

Strong Recovery services specialize in treating two particular sub-populations within addictions, opioid-dependent patients and patients with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. As a result, we have the most extensive services for methadone patients and extensive psychiatric support with a full-time and part-time psychiatrist. The program is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and Licensed by the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services..


Key leadership names: Gloria Baciewicz, MD, Division Chief
Patrick Seche, MS, CASAC, Director
Contact Information:

For All Intake Appointments (585) 275-7545

General Info:

Chemical Dependency (CD): (585) 275-3161
Methadone Maintenance (MM): (585) 275-5489
Location of Service: Ground Floor G-9054
300 Crittenden Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14642-8409
Hours of Operation: CD: Monday – Thursday, 7:45am – 7:30pm
        Fridays, 7:45am – 5:00pm

MM: Monday – Friday, 6:00am – 2:30pm
         Saturdays 8:30am – 10:30am

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