Welcome to the Department of Public Health Sciences!

Our Department represents a dynamic, committed cadre of faculty, staff, and students devoted toward one mission: "The improvement of health and health care among diverse populations through research, learning, and community partnerships." Our Department consists of four divisions, each representing a component of the public health sciences. These include:

  • Epidemiology which focuses on chronic disease prevention through population research;
  • Health Policy and Outcomes Research which increases our understanding of health care through interdisciplinary research;
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences which excels in community-based health promotion research related to social, behavioral, and environmental change, and lastly;
  • Healthcare Management consisting of healthcare professionals responsible for institutional quality, safety, and patient outcomes.
  • The Department of Public Health Sciences is completing its work on a self-study document for re-accreditation by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH). The process requires a period for public comment, giving stakeholders an opportunity to review all or sections of the document. Please send your comments by April 28, 2014 either directly to the PHS Associate Chair for Education at nancy_chin@urmc.rochester.edu or to CEPH at mmulvanity@ceph.org or Mollie Mulvanity, 1010 Wayne Avenue, Suite 220, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Thank you.

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Helena Temkin-Greener

Helena Temkin-Greener., Ph.D., M.S.
Professor & Chair (Interim)
Public Health Sciences


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