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Public Health Grand Rounds

The Public Health Grand Rounds are jointly sponsored by the Center for Community Health & Prevention and the Department of Public Health Sciences. The rounds are intended to demonstrate and highlight the link between research and community health improvement.

Through this series, UR faculty, staff and students, and community partners can hear about community-based initiatives to reduce health inequities, improve access to care, and tackle some of our toughest health challenges.

Join us for lively discussions with some of Rochester’s community health champions and their UR partners.

Upcoming Talks:

Thank you for joining us this fall for Public Health Grand Rounds. We will take a break until the new year, and start the spring series on Friday, February 2. 

Fall 2017 Public Health Grand Rounds (with video links when available)

Date Presenter Topic
September 15, 2017 Ben George and Justin Grishkan

"The Future of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program"

Presentation slides available here

October 6, 2017 Dr. Brian E. McGarry Decision making of Medicare beneficiaries regarding Medicare Part D insurance plan choice
October 20, 2017 Berryman, Nickels, & Schrack It's all about understanding - The history of health literacy
November 3, 2017 Melissa Pennise, Laura M. Robinson Health Status and Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Past, Present, and Future.
December 1, 2017 Dr. Yeates Conwell Randomized clinical trial in rural China,testing a new clinical care model for the co-management of depression and hypertension.

Spring 2018 Public Health Grand Rounds

Date Presenter Topic
February 2, 2018 Mitch Gruber, Chief Programs Officer, Foodlink The history of healthy food retail/access in Rochester
February 16, 2018

Caroline P. Thirukumaran


March 2, 2018 Dr. Timothy Dye Latin American maternal health
April 6, 2018 TBA  
April 20,2018 Dr. Qinghua Li, RTI International  
May 4, 2018 TBA  
May 11, 2018 Dr. Supriya Mohile Cancer research

Past Public Health Grand Rounds Presentations

Below you can find available videos and slides from past presentations. Closed Captioning as noted (CC).

5/5/17: Dr. Stephanie Nothelle, "Advancing Interprofessionalism and Caring for the Most Complex Patients: The Student Hotspotting Initiative"(CC)

4/21/17: Dr. Kathi Heffner, "Chronic Pain and Poor Sleep: Disentangling These Bedfellows to Improve Public Health"(CC)

4/7/17: Dr. Andy Aligne, "The Preventing Teen Pregnancy with LARC Project."(CC)

3/3/17: Dr. Norbert Goldfield, "Health Through Peace-Building: Challenges and Opportunities for Israelis and Palestinians."(CC) Slides are available HERE

2/17/17: Dr. Laurent Glance, "Can We Do Better? Can Quality Measurement Help?"(CC)

2/3/17: Dr. Irina Pesis-Katz & Dr. David Krusch, "The Importance of Population Health Analytics in Value-Based Care"(CC)

12/2/16: Dr. Kevin Kless,  "An Introduction to Integrative Medicine and its Application in the Primary Care Setting"(CC) Slides are available HERE.

11/18/16: Robert Block, MD, and Scott McIntosh, PhD, "Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Familial Hypercholesterolemia”(CC)

11/4/16: Dr. Kreipe, Elaine Spraull, Faith Davignon, " Because Not Every Family in Crisis Has a Village - Rochester has a Crisis Nursery."(CC) Slides are available HERE

10/21/16: Dr. Aaron Fields, "The Opioid Epidemic: Where Are We Now, How Did We Get Here, and Where Are We Going?"(CC) Dr. Field's slides are available HERE

9/16/16: Michael Hasselberg, PhD, RN, NPP-BC, "UR Medicine Project ECHO: Improving access to complex care through videoconferencing." (CC)

4/15/16: Ronald Epstein, MD, "Talking about the Hard Stuff: An Intervention to Improve Communication in Advanced Cancer." (CC)

4/1/16: Timothy Quill, MD, FACP, FAAHPM,  "Palliative Care: Who, What, When, Where, and Why." (CC)

3/4/2016: Solomon Abiola, MS, "Health Big Data Applications for Realtime Infectious Disease Modeling From Ebola to Zika and Beyond." (CC)

2/19/2016: URMC Hot Spotter Team, "Putting the Patient at the Center of Medical Education: and Interdisciplinary and Longitudinal Approach." (CC)

2/5/2016: Bob Gramling, MD, DSc, "The Palliative Care Communication Research Initiative." (CC)

12/4/2015: Sue Groth, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC, FAANP, "The Complexities of Weight Gain and Downstream Effects." (CC)

11/20/2015: Kevin Kennedy, MPH, "Housing and Health: Changing the Healthcare Paradigm Through a Healthy Homes Program" (CC)

11/6/2015: Dr. Steven Barnett, "The Deaf Weight Wise Clinical Trial: Community-Engaged Health Research With Rochester Deaf Populations" (CC)

10/16/15: Dr. David Chan, "The Benefit and Burden of Electronic Reminders for Optimizing Patient Care" (CC)  Dr. Chan's slides are also available to view.

10/2/15: Dr. Eche Ezeanolue, "Finding the Walgreen and CVS in Congregation-Based Health Interventions: Evidence From the Baby Shower Trial."(CC)

4/3/15: URMC Hotspotters, "Walk With Them: Lessons from the 2014 URMC Student Hotspotters." (link to video of presentation)

3/20/15: Dr. Ray Dorsey, "Using Technology to Transform Care."

3/6/15:  Wade Norwood, Candice Lucas, Gladys Pedraza-Burgos, "What's Goin' on With Nuestra Salud?"

2/6/15: Dr. Yeates Conwell, "Collaborative Care For Depression in Later Life: Lessons Learned From Urban China."

11/7/14: Dr. Michael Mendoza, "Take an Aspirin (or Two) and Call (or Text or Email) Me (or Us) in the Morning (or Later)."