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Our Team

Below you'll find our staff members, organized by program area:


Name Role
Nancy M. Bennett, M.D., M.S. Center Director and Professor of Medicine and Public Health Sciences
Laura McIntosh Executive Assistant
Irene Doktor Director of Strategic Planning, Senior Administrator
Mary Anne Gombatto Administrative Assistant
Gail Hamilton Administrative Assistant
Rachel Allen Health Policy Coordinator
TBA Communications Manager
Sarah Gilson Staff Accountant
Theresa Green, PhD, MBA Director, Community Health Policy and Education
Marcia Middleton Health Communications
Indrani Singh Director, Community Health Partnerships
Toby Stroud Finance Administrator
Aleyyah Travers Accounting Bookkeeper
Jennifer VanRy CHIC Course Coordinator
Web/Social Media Coordinator
Karen Vitale, M.S.Ed, N.C.C. Network Coordinator, Greater Rochester PBRN

Healthy Living Partners

Name Role
Julie Kueppers Director of Chronic Disease Prevention Programs

Cancer Services of Monroe County

Willie Robinson, Jr Manager, Cancer Services Program of Monroe County
Kaitlyn Burrows Patient Navigator
Gabriela M. Conti Patient Care Manager
Donna Dixon, MHSA Public Education and Outreach Manager
Hannah Hare Patient Navigator
Rhonda Justice Community Liaison

Community Health Services

Pamela Bailie Manager, Community Health Services

LIFT Grant

Daniela Castro Jimenez Health Project Counselor

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Lucas Santana Health Project Coordinator
Sarah Merritt Health Project Coordinator

Promote Health. Prevent Cancer. Program

Kristina Hawes Regional Health Education Manager

Clinical Programs (Healthy Living Center)

Geoffrey C. Williams, M.D., Ph.D. Clinical Director
Lisa Yockel Administrative Director of Clinical Programs
Sarah Christy Outreach Coordinator
Kacie Cook, R.D., C.D.N. Clinical Nutrition Manager
Avi Dressler Clinical Research Coordinator
Kathleen Holt, Ph.D Senior Scientist, HLC and CTSI
Jennifer Lee Exercise Specialist
Zoe Mahlum, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N. Clinical Dietitian
April Miller, R.D., C.P.T. Clinical Dietitian
Yimy Queipo Rodriguez Clinical Dietitian
Imalai Rosado Secretary
Daryl Sharp, Ph.D, R.N. Director of Quality and Education
Leslie Smith Administrative Assistant
Christine Wille Nurse Practitioner

National Accredited Program for Breast Care (NAPBC)

Hannah Hare Patient Navigator

Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Prevention Program

Name Role
Ghinwa Dumyati, M.D. Director
Christina Felsen, M.P.H. Emerging Infections Program Co-Director
Grant Barney Health Project Coordinator
Maria Gaitan Health Project Coordinator
Anita Gellert, R.N. Project Study Nurse
Trupti Hatwar Health Project Coordinator
Diane Kober Project Study Nurse
Hannah Kopin Health Project Coordinator
Rae Anne Kurtz Information Analyst
Deborah Nelson, M.S.N., R.N. Project Study Nurse
Marina Oktapodas Health Project Coordinator
Mary Scahill Health Project Coordinator
Rebecca Tsay, M.P.H. Health Project Coordinator

Public Health Preparedness (Monroe County Department of Public Health)

Name Role
Thomas Saunders Health Project Coordinator

Workforce Navigation

Name Role
Annabelle Kleist Program Director

Teen Health and Success Program

Tanisha Gamble Employment Navigator
Alyssa Jasper Employment Navigator
Amy Woods Employment Navigator and Project Specialist

Health Professions Opportunity Grant Program (HPOG)

Caitlin Baker-Clicquennoi Employment Coordinator

United Way - University of Rochester

Name Role
Cathy Densieski IT Coordinator
Janet Lurz Campaign Relations Coordinator
Marion Heaton Project Assistant