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Message from the Director

Nancy BennettImagine living in one of the healthiest communities in the world. This is the ambitious goal of the Center for Community Health & Prevention. We are at the heart of a community-wide transformation to make Rochester a healthier place to live... one person, one place, one policy at a time.

For years, we have served a pivotal “match-making” role, connecting URMC faculty, students and staff with community partners to address community health concerns, believing that healthy behaviors and a healthy environment are the essential underpinnings of a healthy community. Together we have launched community-based programs and services to improve access to care and encourage healthy lifestyles especially among those whose health is at greatest risk – those living in poverty, the unemployed and undereducated, and those who suffer, often in “quiet desperation.”

This website highlights just a small sample of the many significant inroads we have made over the past decade. With a keen focus on doing what works, most of our interventions are evidence-based and/or include a community-based research component to help us discover the most effective ways to help people change and maintain healthy behaviors over the long-term.

Together, the URMC, Center for Community Health & Prevention, and our valued community partners have embraced a new model of community health improvement that gives emphasis to prevention, an approach that is critical to the future health of this community and the nation. Preventing communicable and chronic disease will help our community achieve the triple aim: to improve health, to improve healthcare and to reduce costs.

Working together, the possibility of living in the world’s healthiest community is becoming more than just a dream, it is becoming an exciting reality.

To your health!

Nancy M. Bennett, MD, MS
Director, Center for Community Health & Prevention
Professor of Medicine and of Public Health Sciences