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URMC / Center for Community Health & Prevention / Programs & Initiatives

Programs & Initiatives

The Center encompasses a wide variety of programs and initiatives aimed at preventing disease to create healthier communities:

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Healthy Living Programs

When it comes to improving health, even small changes have a lasting impact. Our programs help people make small changes they can maintain for life.

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Surveillance & Prevention

This national effort provides population-based communicable disease data. Studies evaluate vaccine programs, monitor disease patterns, and identify populations at risk for severe infections.

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Workforce Navigation

To address the social determinants of health, we offer workforce programs for high school students living in the City of Rochester and University employees.

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Health Policy

Many factors impact the health of the community. We focus not just on policies directly related to health, but also on those that impact the social determinants of health.

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Training the next generation of health care providers is central to our mission, through student training and community-engaged research training.

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Health Equity Research

Everyone, regardless of race, money or zip code, deserves the best health possible. We’re dedicated to supporting research, training, and interventions to make this a reality.

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