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Stop Smoking/Vaping

Stop SmokingIf you have ever tried to stop smoking or vaping, you know how hard it can be. The good news is that our team of physicians, nurse practitioners and lifestyle counselors are here for you. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (585) 602-0720.

Nicotine Dependence Treatment

One-on-One Support

If you want to stop smoking or vaping, we will build a plan together that meets your needs and timetable. If you are not sure you want to stop yet – or even altogether – we will support you and discuss what you can do to care for your health right now.

What you can expect from individualized sessions:

  • Privacy and flexibility of in-person, phone, or telehealth counseling
  • Focus on your particular circumstances, with consideration of your goals and lifestyle
  • Proven methods to help you manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapses
  • Meetings with a nicotine dependence specialist to discuss medication options, if necessary
  • Continuous support, understanding and encouragement

Commit to Quit! Group Program

Our free Commit to Quit! group program, led by our expert team of certified tobacco counselors, is designed to help you find your path towards freedom from smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco.

Vape Escape for Teens

Vape Escape provides 12 to 18 year olds with an interactive and supportive environment where they can talk openly about vaping with our Center doctors and health behavior change experts.

Let's Build a Plan
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We've provided a variety of resources to help you be successful in your journey. For the best results, we recommend individuals use these resources in addition to the one-on-one counseling we offer.

For Referring Providers

Are your patients ready to stop smoking/vaping or reduce their habit? The Center for Community Health & Prevention is your area-wide resource for comprehensive nicotine dependence treatment, and is the only intensive program linked to Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Learn more about how to refer your patients to our Nicotine Dependence Treatment Program.