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Commit to Quit! Group Program

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man breathing in fresh air outsideA free six-session program offered over Zoom, the Commit to Quit! group program provides an interactive, encouraging and understanding environment designed to support your journey to freedom from smoking/vaping.

The program is based on four pillars – Awareness, Support, Planning and Goals. Each 60-minute session is led by trained lifestyle counselors and cessation experts. Gain valuable information and connect with those with similar goals. Resources for further individualized services are provided, if needed. 

Join us for our next series starting at 4:30 p.m. May 9. Register above!

Email us with your interest and we'll keep you posted on the other sessions happening throughout the year.

The program is flexible — you can choose which sessions you want to attend. Come for one or come for all of the sessions. It's your choice. Internet access is required for participation.

Session Topics

Session 1: Find Your Why

Explore your motivation for why you are considering making this lifestyle change.

Session 2: Breaking the Chain

Making changes to smoking and e-cigarette use is complex. Learn about developing healthier patterns.

Session 3: Exploring Quit Aids

Medications can be a helpful tool in supporting your journey towards health. Learn about all of your options. 

Session 4: Engage Your Support System

Support can come in many forms. Learn about all of the resources available to help you be successful in reaching your goals.

Session 5: Stress as a Trigger

Stress and smoking or vaping often go hand in hand. Explore healthier ways to deal with stress.

Session 6: Staying the Course

Take time to notice your progress towards a healthier lifestyle and explore tools you can use to keep it going.

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