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Vape Escape

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group of teensA FREE group program offered over Zoom, Vape Escape provides teens ages 12 to 18 with an interactive and supportive environment where they can talk openly about vaping with our Center doctors and health behavior change experts, as well as other youth with similar goals.

The program is made up of five weekly online sessions about vaping, the lasting impact it has on our health and how to be successful in cutting back or quitting e-cigarette use. 

Vape Escape is flexible — you can choose which sessions you want to attend. Come for one or come for all of the sessions. It's your choice. Internet access is required for participation.

Resources for further individualized services are provided, if needed. 

Register today for the fall series starting at 3 p.m. October 25!

The series is informal and casual. Topics of conversation will focus on what participants are most interested in about vaping. 

Topics could include:

  • Vaping and your health 
  • Nicotine and how it affects the body
  • Medications that can help with quitting
  • How to set health goals
  • Stress and peer pressure

Questions? Interested, but the time doesn't work for you? Contact our clinical team at (585) 602-0720 or email