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Nicotine Dependence Treatment

Comprehensive Area-Wide Smoking Cessation Program Available through the Center for Community Health & Prevention

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Are your patients ready to stop smoking/vaping or reduce their habit? The Center for Community Health & Prevention is your area-wide resource for comprehensive nicotine dependence treatment, and is the only intensive program linked to Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

  • Using evidence-based strategies and the science of motivation, our multi-disciplined team will provide patients the support and encouragement they need to be successful.
  • Research shows that individuals who receive one-on-one counseling have an increased quit rate. Success rates are even higher when coupled with medication. The Center provides comprehensive services, including prescribing medication and subsequent counseling. There is also a counseling-only option. With either choice, we will communicate progress on your patients’ care through their EMR.

Our free counseling services are available by telehealth, phone or tablet, or in person for UR Medicine patients who self-refer or are referred through EMR by their primary or specialty care provider.

Your patients will receive the help they need to start caring for their health today, in a way that's most convenient for them.

We appreciate your referrals and consider ourselves privileged to share in your patients’ care.

To refer your patient to a clinical program with the Center for Community Health & Prevention, go to EMR, “Patient Encounter” and select “Meds and Orders,” then select “AMB REF Healthy Living.” Call (585) 602-0720 for assistance. 

For inpatient referrals, please contact Center for Community Health & Prevention smoking cessation team at (585) 602-0720. Leave a message and our scheduler will call you back to make an appointment.

About Billing

  • There is no charge for smoking cessation counseling sessions for UR Medicine patients. Counseling sessions are a free service provided by UR Medicine.
  • Appointments with the Center for Community Health & Prevention’s nurse practitioner or physician regarding nicotine-dependence medication will be billed through the patient’s insurance and might include a copay. The Center for Community Health & Prevention can contact your patient's insurance provider to find out if there is a charge.