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Public Health Grand Rounds Archive

Below you can find available videos and slides from past presentations. Closed Captioning as noted (CC).

12/4/21: Medical students, Medical student community health improvement projects

11/20/21: Pebbles Fagan, PhD, MPH, "Tobacco Use and Vulnerable Populations"

11/6/21: Ann M. Dozier, RN, PhD and Irena Pesis-Katz, PhD, "COVID-19 Modeling: Navigating Towards a Moving Target"

10/16/21: Gipsy Escobar, PhD, and Sema Tehari, PhD, MA, "Measures for Justice"

10/2/21: Panelists include:

  • Shani Wilson, PA-C - Internal Medicine Board-certified Physician Assistant (NCCPA); Chair of the Rochester Police Accountability Board
  • Adrienne Morgan, PhD - Senior Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion SMD; Associate Vice President in the University’s Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Kevin Spencer Beckford Sr. – University of Rochester HR Director, Staff Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Rochester Anti-Racism Action Coalition (RARAC); Councilman Board Member Pittsford-NY Town Board
  • Yvette Conyers, DNP, MS, RN, FNP-C, CTN-B - Assistant Professor of Nursing, St. John Fisher College; Founding President, Rochester Black Nurses Association
  • Mitch Gruber, PhD - Foodlink's Chief Strategy Officer and City Councilmember
  • Jerome H. Underwood - President & CEO Action for a Better Community; Co-Chair RMAPI Steering Committee

"Racism as a Public Health Crisis"

9/18/21: Michael Mendoza, MD, MPH, MS, "COVID-19: It Shouldn't Have to Take a Pandemic to Rediscover Public Health"

3/6/20: Rep. Joseph D. Morelle, U.S. Congressman, Wade Norwood, CEO of Common Ground Health, and Laura Gustin, MPH, 

"Monroe County Systems Integration Project: Building a multi-sector, person-centered system of service delivery"*

*Rep. Morelle’s likeness is not to be used for monetary gain in any way, now or in the future.

2/21/20: Michael Mendoza, MD, MPH, MS, "Vaping and E-Cigarettes: Fighting the Battle, Losing the War?"

2/7/20: R. Cameron Schauf, Director, University of Rochester Campus Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations, "Local, Sustainable and Delicious"

12/6/19: David Rich, ScD, MPH, Air pollution exposure and effects on fetal growth: From Beijing to Rochester 

11/15/19: P. Amina Alio, PhD, Socio-cultural, economic and internal drivers of HIV related stigma among female and male sex workers in Niamey, Niger

11/1/19: Julie A. Baldwin, PhD, “Walking in Beauty:” Addressing Health Concerns of American Indian Communities: Future Directions for Health Equity Research 

10/18/19: Leonard Brock, PhD, and Larry Marx, Poverty & Policy: Can't Just Program Our Way Out

10/4/19: Mark A. Levine, MD, The Continuum of Potential Comprehensive Public Health Responses to the Opioid Crisis

9/20/19: Parul D. Rahbari, MPH, and Pamela Bailie, MPH, The Urgency of type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Rochester’s Initiatives to Address it Locally 

2/1/19: Mike Mendoza, MD, MPH, The Opioid Crisis in Monroe County: Past, Present and Future

2/15/19: Fahad Saeed, MD, BS, Dialysis Decision-Making for Older Adults

3/1/19: Daniel Maeng, PhD, Impact of Primary and Specialty Care Integration via Asynchronous Communication

4/5/19: Sheryl Zimmerman, MSW, PhD, A Public Health Imperative: Improving Mouth Care in Nursing Homes

4/19/19: Daniel Ford, MD, Dr. Ford's involvement in the initiative to connect their state quit line with their HER for bidirectional referral and progress reporting 

9/21/18: Stanley O. Foster, MD, PhD, MPN, OBN, Strengthening Community Ownership of Health and Well-Being

10/12/18: Joyce Duckles and ENGOAL, Project ENGOAL: Engaging Older Adult Learners as Health Researchers

10/19/18: Addisu Mesfin,​ Management of Metastatic and Primary Spine Tumors: Do Health Care Disparities Exist?

11/2/18: Adam Simning, MD, PhD, An interdisciplinary approach to understanding and optimizing the SNF to home transition

11/16/18: Monica Sharma, MD, Radical Transformational Leadership - Dr. Sharma has 20 years working at the United Nations and has written a book, "Radical Transformational Leadership

12/7/18: Robert Block, MD, MPH, Geof Williams, MD, PhD, & Katherine Manou, clinical pharmacist, The Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

5/11/18: Dr. Supriya Mohile, Improving Cancer Care Delivery for Older Patients with Cancer and Their Caregivers: Updates from GAP/COACH Trials and Next Steps

5/4/18: Jennifer R. Mammen, PhD NP-C, Smartphone-Based Telemedicine for Primary Care of Asthma: Development of a Technology-Enabled Asthma Management System (TEAMS)

4/6/18: Dr. Timothy Dye, Critical Medical Ecological Perspectives on Diabetes in the Pacific Islands: Colonialism, Power, & Balance in Human-Environment Interaction Over Time

2/16/18: Caroline P. Thirukumaran, Natural Language Processing for the Identification of Surgical Site Infections

2/2/18: Mitch Gruber, PhD, Chief Programs Officer, Foodlink, The history of healthy food retail/access in Rochester

12/1/17: Dr. Yeates Conwell, Randomized clinical trial in rural China, testing a new clinical care model for the co-management of depression and hypertension.

11/3/17: Melissa Pennise, Laura M. Robinson, Health Status and Services for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Past, Present, and Future.

10/20/17: Berryman, Nickels, & Schrack, It's all about understanding - The history of health literacy

10/6/17: Dr. Brian E. McGarry, Decision making of Medicare beneficiaries regarding Medicare Part D insurance plan choice

9/15/17: Ben George and Justin Grishkan, The Future of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program"Presentation slides available here

5/5/17: Dr. Stephanie Nothelle, "Advancing Interprofessionalism and Caring for the Most Complex Patients: The Student Hotspotting Initiative"(CC)

4/21/17: Dr. Kathi Heffner, "Chronic Pain and Poor Sleep: Disentangling These Bedfellows to Improve Public Health"(CC)

4/7/17: Dr. Andy Aligne, "The Preventing Teen Pregnancy with LARC Project."(CC)

3/3/17: Dr. Norbert Goldfield, "Health Through Peace-Building: Challenges and Opportunities for Israelis and Palestinians."(CC) Slides are available HERE

2/17/17: Dr. Laurent Glance, "Can We Do Better? Can Quality Measurement Help?"(CC)

2/3/17: Dr. Irina Pesis-Katz & Dr. David Krusch, "The Importance of Population Health Analytics in Value-Based Care"(CC)

12/2/16: Dr. Kevin Kless,  "An Introduction to Integrative Medicine and its Application in the Primary Care Setting"(CC)

11/18/16: Robert Block, MD, and Scott McIntosh, PhD, "Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Familial Hypercholesterolemia”(CC)

11/4/16: Dr. Kreipe, Elaine Spraull, Faith Davignon, " Because Not Every Family in Crisis Has a Village - Rochester has a Crisis Nursery."(CC) Slides are available HERE

10/21/16: Dr. Aaron Fields, "The Opioid Epidemic: Where Are We Now, How Did We Get Here, and Where Are We Going?"(CC)

9/16/16: Michael Hasselberg, PhD, RN, NPP-BC, "UR Medicine Project ECHO: Improving access to complex care through videoconferencing." (CC)

4/15/16: Ronald Epstein, MD, "Talking about the Hard Stuff: An Intervention to Improve Communication in Advanced Cancer." (CC)

4/1/16: Timothy Quill, MD, FACP, FAAHPM,  "Palliative Care: Who, What, When, Where, and Why." (CC)

3/4/2016: Solomon Abiola, MS, "Health Big Data Applications for Realtime Infectious Disease Modeling From Ebola to Zika and Beyond." (CC)

2/19/2016: URMC Hot Spotter Team, "Putting the Patient at the Center of Medical Education: and Interdisciplinary and Longitudinal Approach." (CC)

2/5/2016: Bob Gramling, MD, DSc, "The Palliative Care Communication Research Initiative." (CC)

12/4/2015: Sue Groth, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC, FAANP, "The Complexities of Weight Gain and Downstream Effects." (CC)

11/20/2015: Kevin Kennedy, MPH, "Housing and Health: Changing the Healthcare Paradigm Through a Healthy Homes Program" (CC)

11/6/2015: Dr. Steven Barnett, "The Deaf Weight Wise Clinical Trial: Community-Engaged Health Research With Rochester Deaf Populations" (CC)

10/16/15: Dr. David Chan, "The Benefit and Burden of Electronic Reminders for Optimizing Patient Care" (CC)  Dr. Chan's slides are also available to view.

10/2/15: Dr. Eche Ezeanolue, "Finding the Walgreen and CVS in Congregation-Based Health Interventions: Evidence From the Baby Shower Trial."(CC)

4/3/15: URMC Hotspotters, "Walk With Them: Lessons from the 2014 URMC Student Hotspotters." (link to video of presentation)

3/20/15: Dr. Ray Dorsey, "Using Technology to Transform Care."

3/6/15:  Wade Norwood, Candice Lucas, Gladys Pedraza-Burgos, "What's Goin' on With Nuestra Salud?"

2/6/15: Dr. Yeates Conwell, "Collaborative Care For Depression in Later Life: Lessons Learned From Urban China."

11/7/14: Dr. Michael Mendoza, "Take an Aspirin (or Two) and Call (or Text or Email) Me (or Us) in the Morning (or Later)."