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The University of Rochester’s Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation is all about movement. Our mission is to perfect today’s treatments and create tomorrow’s cures. We have one of the country’s foremost musculoskeletal research programs, outstanding comprehensive care teams, and one of the largest and best training programs for New York’s young surgeons.

Imagine where we could go in the future. An orthopaedic team takes an image of a patient’s injured or infected bone before it’s removed, and—using 3D printing technology—makes an exact copy of the bone, filling it with a combination of a biologically active drug or other molecule and the patient’s own stem cells, to rebuild a living replacement. rough precise pre-operative testing, patients at risk of a MRSA infection—an antibiotic-resistant strain of staph—receive a vaccination that eliminates the risk prior to orthopaedic surgery. And drug and molecular treatments slow or reverse the development of age-related cartilage damage and arthritis, allowing weekend and serious athletes to continue the sports they love.

You Can Help Us Create a New Musculoskeletal Institute

Musculoskeletal disorders have a profound effect on patients’ physical function, overall health, and quality of life. Immobility can lead not only to a breakdown of muscle mass and strength, but also to structural changes and life- threatening complications in the body’s cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological systems, and cause adverse psychological consequences.

The University of Rochester is at the forefront of musculoskeletal research, care, and education, all of which help keep you moving. Our faculty, residents, fellows, and graduate students are dedicated to, and passionate about, reducing the incidence of musculoskeletal disease and injury—and the burden it places on people worldwide. You can support their innovative ideas and programs in two ways:

Create a Legacy

You can create a permanent legacy that funds the work of current and future scientists, clinicians or educators by establishing an endowment, a fund that is invested and managed by the University in perpetuity. You can endow:

  • The institute
  • Professorships and directorships
  • A range of positions for our research or clinical faculty, residents, fellows or graduate students
  • Best-in-class research, clinical or education projects and programs

Make an Immediate Impact

Your support can help us hire the brightest faculty, trainees, and students, and give them the freedom now to seize opportunities and pursue creative ideas in research, care or education that will change the way we can help people around the world. You can support:

  • Faculty recruitment
  • Pilot projects/seed funds
  • Young aspiring scientists
  • Resident education

You Can Help

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