Hip Preservation Program

About the Hip Preservation Program

Exercise The UR Medicine Hip Preservation Program is the only comprehensive program of its kind in the region. Our team provides a new approach for active people of all ages with hip pain. By focusing on the full spectrum of hip pain and offering the very latest treatments, we are giving active patients new hope for an active, pain-free life.

Early Intervention
Many pediatric and adult patients benefit from our ability to diagnose and treat hip problems early, resulting in better hip function.

A focus on preservation
Our program looks for the best ways to preserve and optimize your hip's natural anatomy through less-invasive surgeries, or by avoiding surgery altogether.

New surgical options
If surgery is needed, our program offers a wide range of options that are highly effective at reducing hip pain, and improving function.

The region's top specialists
Our surgeons are orthopaedic specialists with advanced training that makes them uniquely qualified for treating hip pain.

A collaborative team approach
You will be cared for by a team that includes pediatric and adult hip preservation surgeons, nurses, physician's assistants, therapists, and other specialists, who are all highly experienced at treating hip pain.


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