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Testing of Biological Specimens Injected into Rodents

All biologicals that have been originated or passaged in rodents outside of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry must be tested for contamination with murine pathogens before they can be injected into rodents here. Documentation of test results on a frozen cell line is adequate if the cells have not been passaged through rodents since the testing.

A faster and less expensive alternative to the M.A.P. (mouse antibody production) and R.A.P. (rat antibody production) test is now available. A PCR IMPACT Profile I can be performed on biologicals to be injected into mice. It tests for Mycoplasma, Sendai, MHV, PVM, MVM, MPV, GDVII, Reo-3, EDIM, Ectromelia, LCM, Polyoma, K-virus, Mouse Adenoma, Cytomegalovirus, LDH, MTV, Hantaan. The IMPACT Profile V can be performed on biologicals to be injected into rats. It tests for Mycoplasma, PVM, KRV, Toolan's H1 virus, RPV, LCM, Rat Cytomegalovirus, LDH, Sendai, RCV, SDAV, Seoul virus, Mouse Adenoma, Reo-3, and GD VII.

A description of the test and request form for the test follows. The IMPACT I test costs $470 and the IMPACT V test costs $392.25 if you submit the specimens yourself. If you would like DLAM to pack and submit the samples for you, the cost is an additional $50. Please contact a DLAM technician at least 24 hours before you would like DLAM to submit a sample for IMPACT testing.

Please feel free to contact one of the DLAM veterinarians at (585) 275-2651 if you have questions about these tests.

Below are links to instructions on how to package the cells for the IMPACT test, the accession form, and shipping information:

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