Anthony Almudevar, PhD

Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
Ph.D. (1994) University of Toronto

Contact Information:

University of Rochester
Dept of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
265 Crittenden Boulevard, CU 420630 
Rochester, New York 14642-0630
Office: Saunders Research Building 4168
Phone: (585) 275-6992
Fax: (585) 273-1031
Anthony Almudevar, PhD

Research Interests

I am interested in genetics and bioinformatics, especially in the area of graphical modelling, with applications to cellular networks and population biology. I also have a more general interest in optimization and control theory, particularly in the area of Markov decision processes.

As well, I am interested in the analysis of technological motion data, particularly data collected from home monitoring systems.

I was awarded a Ph.D. from the Department of Statistics at the University of Toronto in 1994.


Graphical Threshold Selection. R library implementation of algorithms described in "Selection of statistical thresholds in graphical models" (Anthony Almudevar 2008).

Pedigree Reconstruction Tools (PRT 2.22). Sibling groups reconstruction (Almudevar and Field 1999, JABES).

Pedigree Application (PedApp). Graphical approaches to pedigree reconstruction (Almudevar 2007, Theoretical Population Biology).

Bayesian Network GSA Library

R Library for Almudevar(2011) Optimization Methods and Software

Selected Publications

  • Almudevar A, Anderson EC (2012) A new version of PRT software for sibling groups reconstruction with comments regarding several issues in the sibling reconstruction problem. Molecular Ecology Resources. 12(1):164-78. PMID: 21883980.Barry CT, D'Souza M, McCall M, Safadjou S, Ryan C, Kashyap R, Marroquin C, Orloff M, Almudevar A, Godfrey TE. (2012) Micro RNA expression profiles as adjunctive data to assess the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence after liver transplantation. Am J Transplant. 12(2):428-37. PMID: 22008552.
  • Xu Z, Almudevar A, Mathews D (2012) Statistical evaluation of improvement in RNA secondary structure prediction. Nucleic Acids Res. 40(4):e26. PMID: 22139940; PMCID: PMC3287165.
  • Almudevar A, Lacombe J (2012) On the choice of prior density for the Bayesian analysis of pedigree structure. Theoretical Population Biology. 81(2):131-143. PMID:22200649143
  • Pichichero ME, Kaur R, Casey JR, Xu Q, Almudevar A, Ochs M (2012) Antibody response to Streptococcus pneumoniae proteins PhtD, LytB, PcpA, PhtE and Ply after nasopharyngeal colonization and acute otitis media in children. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 8(6):799-805. PMID: 22495112; PMCID: PMC3679215.
  • Almudevar A, Arruda EF (2012) Optimal approximation schedules for a class of iterative algorithms, with an application to multigrid value iteration. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. 57(12): 3132-3146.
  • Almudevar A, Lacombe J (2012) An extension of a calibration-free trajectory reconstruction method for wireless networks. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. 60(10):5588-5592.
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  • Casey JR, Block SL, Hedrick J, Almudevar A, Pichichero ME (2012) Comparison of amoxicillin/clavulanic acid high dose with cefdinir in the treatment of acute otitis media. Drugs. 72(15):1991-7. PMID: 23039319. 
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  • Arruda EF,  Ourique FO,  LaCombe J, Almudevar A (2013) Accelerating the convergence of value iteration by using partial transition functions. European J. Op. Res. 229(1):190-198.
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  • Sharma SK, Roumanes D, Almudevar A, Mosmann TR, Pichichero ME (2013) CD4+ T-cell responses among adults and young children in response to Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae vaccine candidate protein antigens. Vaccine. 31(30):3090-7. PMID: 23632305; PMCID: PMC3777711.
  • Liu K, Kaur R, Almudevar A, Pichichero ME (2013) Higher serum levels of interleukin 10 occur at onset of acute otitis media caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae compared to Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis. Laryngoscope. 123(6):1500-1505. PMID:23404508; PMCID: PMC3966296.
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