Preparing for a Hospital Stay

Having a CT Scan: Page 4

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iv If you need to have an IV, the first thing the nurse will do is look at your arm to find the best place to put the IV.  He or she might pat your arm to make the veins easier to see. A special kind of rubber band called a tourniquet will give your arm a little squeeze.

Your nurse will clean your arm with some special soap. Your job is to hold your arm really straight and to stay as still as a statue. Take big deep breaths. Some children like to watch and some kids like to look away. The nurse can count to three if you want them to. Next comes a quick tiny poke.

This is called an IV.

The nurse will tape the IV to your arm to help it stay in. The nurse may also put some fluid through the IV to make sure it is working. This will not hurt, but might feel a little cold.

Your IV will stay in during your CT Scan.