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Our research has improved the health of children. A century ago, children routinely died of infections and nutritional deficiencies. A decade ago there were few treatment options for childhood cancer, premature birth, and congenital heart or brain diseases. We have made a difference in these areas. However, our work is far from done. Our challenge now is to help our patients live healthier lives as they move into adulthood. We aim to discover how to prevent childhood diseases, limit complications from treatment, and effectively manage chronic illness. Explore our research and learn more about how we plan to improve child health through research.

Happening Now

Language of Babies

Unlocking the Magic of Baby Talk

The rate at which babies learn their native language is astounding! “In this project we’re trying to figure out some piece of that magic.” said Elika Bergelson. The goal is to get really solid baseline data that can extend to other studies with, for example, infants at risk for language delay.
Unlocking the ‘Magic’ Behind Babies Language

Autism & Music Perception

Perception in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr. Laura Silverman studied whether audio-visual integration difficulties in autism are specific to language processing or do they extend to other types of tasks. If gesture exerts influence on speech perception, can it also affect the way music is experienced?
Do Visual Cues Affect Communication & Music Perception in Adolescents with Autism?

Nontraditional Smoking products

E-Cigarettes & Nontraditional Tobacco

A research team lead by Thomas J. Mariani, Ph.D. received a new grant, to study the disease risk associated with nontraditional tobacco-related products, like e-cigarettes. The grant is from the National Institutes of Health, in conjunction with the FDA
Read More About This Smokin’ Hot Topic.


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Our Research is Expanding

NACHRI recently ranked the Department of Pediatrics 15th in NIH funding based on total dollars awarded. Five years ago our ranking was 27th, demonstrating a significant increase.