Pediatric Behavioral Health Services

Child and Adolescent Inpatient Services

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Inpatient Units are dedicated to serving children, adolescents, and their families in acute need of Psychiatric Care. We have a 17-bed adolescent unit and a 10-bed child and unit. Both units provide a 24-hour medically supervised and secure setting. The service is designed to stabilize patients during an acute crisis (such as an inability to keep themselves safe and/or to think clearly and coherently).

Our approach involves multi-disciplinary evaluation and treatment of each patient. Our team performs a comprehensive assessment that reviews functioning and determines possible reasons for the crisis. An appropriate treatment plan for the patient and family may include individual, group, and family therapy, as well as medication treatment. Each patient also participates in a school program that is designed to meet his or her academic needs.

More Information

For more information, please contact your primary care provider or your child’s mental health professional.

In Case of an Acute Crisis

If your child is experiencing an acute crisis:

  • Call LifeLine at (585) 275-5151 or 211 to access the Mobile Crisis Team.
  • Go to the closest hospital based emergency department.
  • Call Emergency Services at 911.