Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Haggerty-Friedman Psychosocial Fund for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Application Process for University of Rochester Medical Student Year Out

University of Rochester Medical students interested in a year out research experience studying a topic related to Developmental and Behavioral pediatrics should:

  1. Identify a research mentor
  2. Contact to apply for the Year Out experience. An application is posted on BlackBoard.
  3. Consult with their potential research mentor and provide a brief summary of the proposed project to Jennifer Foley, Haggerty-Friedman Fund Coordinator, for Advisory Committee review at Projects must be related to the developmental and/or behavioral health of children and families and may pertain to general or subspecialty interests.
  4. The Haggerty-Friedman Advisory Committee will determine if the proposed project is appropriately funded by the HF Foundation. If so, the UR year out stipend plus a stipend for project related costs will be provided the student for the following year.

Application Process for Haggerty Friedman Summer Scholars

(Undergraduates Accepted to Medical School and Medical Students, Not limited to University of Rochester students)

Application for Strong Children’s Research Center Summer Scholar (SCRC) Program/Haggerty-Friedman Fund Summer Scholars

  1. Undergraduate students completing their junior or senior year of college and are accepted to medical school or students who have completed their first year of medical school who would like a mentored summer research experience in clinical research in an area related to the development or behavior of children or adolescents can apply through the SCRC website (link here) for academic review.
  2. Students accepted into the SCRC program will be matched with Haggerty-Friedman mentorship for a project in their area of interest that examines a topic relevant to Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

For more information please contact JenniferFoley, Haggerty-Friedman coordinator:


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