Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Safety Resources

SafetyAnimal Safety

  • American Humane Association
    Information from the American Humane Association about children interacting with dogs safely.  Also includes pet training lessons for adults to review with children.  Lessons denote standard age/grade levels for specific presentations.

Elopement/Wandering Safety

  • Autism Wandering Awareness Alerts Response Education(AWAARE) Collaboration
    The AWAARE Collaboration is an initiative to prevent wandering as well as wandering related fatalities.  This website contains a wide variety of information on how to decrease the risk of wandering, including; different types of tracking materials that children can wear or have on their person, and suggestions of what to do if a child does wander
  • Project Lifesaver
    Project Lifesaver International is an initiative to provide training to law enforcement and other public safety agencies on the use of specialized electronic search and rescue equipment, technology and procedures, as well as teaching rescuers how to communicate with people afflicted with cognitive conditions
  • National Autism Association
    The National Autism Association offers information about wandering. The NAA also provides The Big Red Safety Toolkit which addresses many safety concerns for parents of children with autism
  • Interactive Autism Network
    The IAN Community website offers a preliminary report on Elopment
  • Autism Up
    Autism Up Summary of local training on elopement prevention, with family and professional resources
  • Autism Speaks
    Autism Speaks has a toolkit for creating Safety Plans for children with autism
  • Checkpoint Wristbands
    Checkpoint Wristbands offer instant identification of the wearer, which helps for contacting parents, listing medical information and allergies

Emergency Communication

  • Kid Power
    Kid Power has Safety Plans for children with disabilities and tips to teach kids to be safe without making them scared

Fire Safety

  • National Fire Safety Association
    National Fire Safety Association fire safety plan geared towards children with Autism.  Includes a personalized fire safety social story and fire escape planning tips. The NFPA have also released a fire safety storybook
  • Autism Society of Maine
    Fire safety tips from the Autism Society of Maine

Home Safety

  • Safe Kids
    Safety videos highlighting how you can take precautions in the home to help prevent injuries to children with physical, developmental, or cognitive disabilities

Internet Safety

Personal Safety

  • Kid Power
    Four strategies for protecting kids from sexual predators.
  • Parents for Megans Law
    A comprehensive listing of different aspects of child sexual abuse and what to look out for as well as signs to look out for

Water Safety

  • National Autism Association
    The NAA has released a statement on recent drowning deaths in the autism community. The statement contains information and links related to safety.
  • Water Awareness in Residential Neighborhoods (W.A.R.N.)
    W.A.R.N Serves as a resource for water safety and drowning awareness.  This website provides prevention and safety tools
  • Task force on Water Safety for Children with ASD and Related Disabilities
    Center for Autism and Related Disabilities Brochure.- Ways for parents to increase their child’s safety around the water
  • Autism Digest
    The Autism Digest has an article which stresses the importance of water safety as a life skill

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