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What Should I Do Before I Schedule an Evaluation?

An evaluation at the Kirch Developmental Services Center may be recommended by your pediatrician, school, or an Early Intervention team. Before pursuing evaluation, we recommend that you talk with both your child’s pediatrician and your child’s educational team to make sure everyone working with your child feels that the evaluation will be helpful.

If your child has never had an evaluation through school or Early Intervention, this should be scheduled before the Kirch Center evaluation. The Kirch Center team relies upon Early Intervention and local school districts to do standard evaluations of motor, cognitive, language, self-help, and social skills. The Kirch Center team will use these results for their evaluation.

Early Intervention evaluation is available to children ages 0-3 and can be scheduled by calling your county health department. Evaluation of children over age three is available from your local school district through the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE), ages 3-5 or the Committee on Special Education, ages 5-21.

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