Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Kirch Developmental Services Center

Who Do I Call If I Have Questions Between Visits?

We are available between visits to answer questions and concerns and to share information.

Information and Referral Questions

Our information and referral specialist is available to discuss different types of disabilities, community resources, and other programs or supports your child might need.

Please contact Angela Huss at (585) 273-2615.

Social Worker Questions

Our social worker is available for assistance with accessing community resources such as Advocacy Services, Developmental Disabilities Service Organization (DDSO), Family Support, Financial Issues, Social Security Insurance, Mental Health, Recreational, and/or determining what services may be appropriate for your child. Our social worker is also available to listen and assist in problem solving for such issues as challenging behavior, parent coping and sibling issues that may arise in your family related to having a child with a developmental disability. Our social worker works closely with the Kirch medical team and may also meet with you at your child’s Kirch appointment.

Our social worker is available by calling (585) 275-2986.

Health or Medical Questions

Our registered nurses respond to all phone calls in order to gather more information and assess your child’s situation. They will answer many of your questions. If your question requires medical decision making, such as a change in medications, our registered nurses will consult a Kirch physician or nurse practitioner.

For health, medical, or medication questions or concerns, call our registered nurses at (585) 275-2986.

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