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Patients and Families

  • CURE Childhood Cancer Association—Improving the lives of families coping with cancer or chronic blood disorders by providing emotional, educational, and financial support.
  • Camp Good Days and Special Times—This organization reaches out to children in our community who have been affected by the challenges of illness or violence, and provides them with a fun camping experience. Campers experience all the traditional camping activities such as hiking, sailing, fishing, and arts and crafts at our Keuka Lake facility. The camp also features a Project Adventure ropes course, a handicapped accessible swimming pool, miniature golf course, areas for music, nature and computers. Most of all, Camp Good Days has top-notch staff and volunteers, making it a truly special place.
  • The Corporate Angel Network—Through this organization, out-of-town cancer patients are able to travel to their treatment center or hospital using the empty seats on corporate jets.
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation—The Make-a-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to grant the special wishes of children facing life-threatening or terminal illness. Children can be referred to this program by contacting the foundation themselves, or by a parent, legal guardian, or medical professional.

Online Resources for Kids

  • Kids Konnected—This is a support organization for children who have a parent undergoing cancer treatment. The site offers chat rooms, a newsletter, and information on various events.
  •—This website includes channels designed for children, teens and parents. The site offers insight and advice from teens dealing with cancer, age-appropriate information, and some online games and activities.
  • Cancer Resources for Kids—This site provides a number of a resourceful links to sites that help parents and children deal with cancer.

Online Resources for Adolescents and Adults

  • Teens Living with Cancer—This site focuses on supporting teens through the unique challenges they face in dealing with cancer. The site includes supportive links and personal stories.

Online Resources for Parents

  • Scott Sturge Family Cancer Information Center—This website provides information about your child's diagnosis, treatment, and tests. It also provides information about support groups and services available to you at Golisano Children's Hospital.
  • The Never-Ending Squirrel Tale—This website allows parents of kids with cancer to give and receive support and encouragement and share the practical things that help them cope with daily life after their child has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Make A Child Smile—This organization provides emotional and financial support to families whose children suffer from chronic or life-threatening illnesses, and provides opportunities for others to reach out to these families through sending cards or gifts, or making donations.
  • ALL-kids—This website is designed specifically for parents of children diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and provides a safe, friendly and caring place to discuss issues specifically related to this type of childhood cancer.
  •—The Association of Cancer Online Resources is a collection of online communities designed to provide timely and accurate information in a supportive environment. Provides contacts for mailing lists, online resources and support information, as well as information on types of cancer, treatment options and ongoing clinical trials.
  • The National Children's Cancer Society—The National Children's Cancer Society (NCCS) provides financial support to children with cancer and their families, for expenses related to cancer treatment. The society assists children from birth to age 18 and their families throughout the United States. The website offers information on the organization as well as message boards, information on special events and helpful links.
  • Patient-Centered Guides—This website provides information and resources on various diseases including childhood cancer and leukemia. The site offers book suggestions as well as information on current clinical trials and provides access to various newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation—The goal of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation is to educate, serve, and support the families of children with cancer, survivors of childhood cancer, and the professionals who care for them. The website provides a wealth of information on treatments, events and advocacy, as well as links to sites specifically geared to kids and teens.
  • National Marrow Donor Program—The National Marrow Donor Program facilitates life-saving blood stem cell transplants for patients who do not have a donor in their family. They provide the products and services that bring patients and donors together through life-saving technology. The website offers links to recent news and upcoming events as well as real-life stories of those who have been through the donation process.
  • CancerCare—This website offers information, workshops and counseling for those living with children with cancer. The site addresses these main needs: counseling, connection (Q&A), information on financial assistance and medical information.

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