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How Does Parking Work?

photo Parking is available in the ramp garage on the northeast corner of the medical center. You can enter off of the main hospital entrance (Thomas H. Jackson Drive off Elmwood Avenue) or from East Drive (off Elmwood Avenue). Valet parking is available at the main entrance. If you will be coming and going during the day, see the parking desk in the lobby for payment options. There are payment machines just inside the lobby so you can pay as you go out to your car.

Can I Sleep in my Child’s Room?

Yes. Except in very unusual circumstances, one parent may sleep in the sleeper chair alongside your child’s bed. Bedding is provided. It does not need to be the same parent every night. If you need help arranging somewhere for others to stay, ask to speak to the social worker.

How Do I Get a Private Room for My Child?

Parents FAQs You may not always be able to do so. The private rooms are generally reserved for children who are believed to be contagious, or whose immune systems are compromised either by their illness or their treatment. However, every effort is made to match roommates by gender and approximate age.

What About Food?

Your child will get to order from a menu to get the meals he or she prefers. If you are a nursing mother, you will get a tray. There is a microwave on each unit if you want to bring something to heat up. Most parents use one of the cafeterias in the building. Another option is to purchase meal vouchers and have your meal delivered along with your child’s. This provides the opportunity for you to eat together. Talk to your nurse for details. In rare situations, a social worker may be able to help you with the cost of your meals. Coffee and snacks are available courtesy of the Ronald McDonald House most mornings.

Can I Use My Cell Phone in My Child’s Room?

Usually, yes. We ask that you consider the people around you when having lengthy conversations. Some areas of the building do not have good reception so you may need to find a different place to talk. If you need to use a computer, you can visit the Information Station in near the main desk in the lobby of Strong Memorial Hospital.

When Can I Visit?

Parents are welcome 24 hours/day. Visiting hours for others vary a bit from unit to unit, but, for the most part, people should plan to visit between 11:00 am and 8:00 pm. If this is not convenient for you, talk with your nurse about options.

Is there a shower available?

Yes. Towels are available. Hospital toiletries are also available, but you may prefer your own.

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