Nomination Process


The deadline for nominations is noon on Friday, February 28, 2014.


Peer or self-nominations are invited and can be submitted from within URMC or from community partners.


Nominations can be made in one of the three following criteria:

Nomination Steps

The nomination process has two steps, the online award nomination form, and the follow-up email.

Step One: Online Award Nomination Form

First complete the online award nomination form.

Step Two: Follow-up Email

Next you'll need to submit the nomination essay and appendices via email to Gail Netwon at by noon on Friday, February 28, 2014.

Nomination Essay

Nomination essay (1,000 maximum words) in a Word document that addresses the appropriate award criteria and includes the following:

  • Introduction of the nominee (i.e., scope of expertise, years of experience in community-based work, focus on community partnerships).
  • Description of university-community partnership(s) with which the nominee is associated, the nominee’s role and responsibilities in the partnership(s), the goals and objectives of the partnership(s) and quantifiable/qualitative outcomes that have been achieved.
  • Description of how the nominee’s commitment and involvement in the partnership(s) helps (1) achieve partnership goals and objectives in addressing a community prioritized health need, and (2) contributes to the community health mission of the URMC.
  • Examples of how the nominee engages community partners, inspires others, and embodies principles of partnership that contribute to sustained relationships.
  • Examples of how the nominee respects and values diversity and inclusion in working with the community.

Required Appendices

  • Two letters of support for each nomination:
    • One from within URMC
    • One from a community partner
  • Curriculum Vitae for faculty nominees
  • Resume or outline of work experience for staff nominees

Materials Describing Nominee’s Work (Optional)

You may also include no more than five additional pages for selected materials describing the nominee’s work (e.g., press releases, news reports).

If you have any questions, please contact us at, or call Judith Russell at (585) 224-3062.