Program Leadership

Flavia Nobay

Flavia-NobayED alias/nickname: Superwoman
Origins of your nickname: Sadly, I made it up myself and no one else calls me this.
Favorite chief complaint: "Stuck barbie doll head - NOS "
How do you like your coffee? Venti Awake tea, single bag, lots of room for milk.
Previous lives: Selling bras to the geriatric population of LA
Guilty pleasures: This year… Game of Thrones
Favorite spot in Rochester: In front of my stove with family yellin' "What smells so good?"
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: This year…. An Unaccustomed Earth

Lee Marks

Lee-MarksED alias/nickname: Monk-E-Man
Origins of your nickname: The origins of this will have to remain part of my mystic
Favorite chief complaint: Chest pain...sent in by the cardiologist, followed by the patient "to be admitted"
How do you like your coffee? Blonde and sweet
Previous lives: Physicist
Guilty pleasures: Not so guilty, but drinking bourbon
Favorite spot in Rochester: I am still discovering Rochester
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: The Count of Monte Cristo (it’s a book with a lot of pages!!)

Ryan Bodkin

Ryan-BodkinED alias/nickname: I-am-Ryan-Bodkin
Favorite chief complaint: "I need a sandwich."
How do you like your coffee? I drink Tea
Previous lives: Top secret
Guilty pleasures: Kung Fu movies and the Buffalo Bills
Favorite spot in Rochester: My bed
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: I'm not really a book kind of a guy. I'd much rather be watching a movie.


Jessica Moriarty

moriartyED alias/nickname: Angel #1
Origins of your nickname: Dr. Marks
How do you like your coffee? Light and sweet
Previous lives: Donut maker
Guilty pleasures: Anything with peanut butter
Favorite spot in Rochester: My living room
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Any of the Harry Potter books

Jennifer Williams

Katie-HillmanED alias/nickname: Angel #3
Origins of your nickname: Dr. Marks
How do you like your coffee? Bold with cream
Previous lives: Division of Prehospital Care Secretary, Travel Agent
Guilty pleasures: Chocolate and did I mention chocolate?
Favorite spot in Rochester: Mendon Ponds Park
Favorite book besides Tintinalli: Anything by Richard Paul Evans



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