Faculty Information

Residency Program Director

Alec B. O'Connor, MD, MPH

Dr. O’Connor is the Program Director for the Internal Medicine Dr. O'ConnorResidency. He was a resident and then chief resident in the Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Rochester (1996-2000) before becoming an Associate Program Director for the Medicine and Medicine-Pediatrics residencies in 2003. He is a Hospitalist at Strong Memorial Hospital, where he attends on the Inpatient Teaching Service 12 weeks/year. He has published on a variety of topics related to improving prescribing practices and residency education, and he was a physician champion for the electronic medical record that went live at Strong and Highland Hospitals in 2011. His outside interests include cycling, running, and skiing.

Associate Program Directors

Donald R. Bordley, MD

Dr. BordleyDr. Bordley has been the Associate Chair for Education since 1997 and he is the former Residency Program Director. Since joining the URMC faculty in 1981, Dr. Bordley has focused his career on resident and student education. A recognized national leader in medical resident education, Dr. Bordley has served on the executive council of the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) and was President of APDIM in 2008-2009. His clinical role is as a General Medicine Hospitalist, attending on the Inpatient Teaching Service 10 weeks/year. His outside interests include cycling, skiing, and hiking.

Bilal Ahmed, MD

ahmedDr. Ahmed has been Associate Program Director since 1999. He oversees all resident educational programs and rotations at Highland Hospital as well as our Board Preparation program. Trained in the United Kingdom, where physical diagnosis is still a high art, Dr. Ahmed is widely regarded by residents and faculty members alike as our most gifted bedside teacher and diagnostician. In addition to bedside teaching, his academic interests include teaching humanistic skills and seeking methods to emphasize empathy as a key ingredient in physician-patient interactions. He currently serves on the National Board of Medical Examiners. His outside interests include constructing and flying model WWII airplanes.

Catherine F. Gracey, MD

Dr. GraceyDr. Gracey has been Associate Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program since 2002, most recently focusing on resident evaluation and feedback and on faculty development. Her clinical role focuses on resident ambulatory education as one of the program's lead ambulatory continuity preceptors and on developing the ambulatory curriculum. Her research interests include teaching humanism and communication skills, in part through her work with the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, running, and playing with her family.