Current Residents

Every year, the Plastic Surgery Residency Program accepts—and sends out—a small, select group of talented people dedicated to medical excellence. Our resident trainees are exceptional people with impressive potential. Graduates are highly regarded and highly recruited, often beginning their professional careers at some of the top practices and academic Plastic Surgery programs in the country.


Plastic Surgery Chief Residents R5

Chester Mays, M.D.
Somerset, KY
University of Louisville, 2010

Peter Koltz, M.D.
Toledo, OH
University of Toledo, 2008

Plastic Surgery Residents R4

Joseph Khouri, M.D.
Cleveland, OH
Wayne State, 2011

Oren Mushin, M.D.
Houston, TX
Duke University, 2011

Plastic Surgery Residents R3

Elaina Chen, M.D.
Changde, China
Indiana University Schoool of Medicine, 2012

Diana Meskill, M.D.
Ithaca, NY
Drexel University College of Medicine, 2012

Plastic Surgery Residents R2

Adam Calarese, M.D.
Boston, MA

Drexel University College of Medicine, 2013

Leo Gribelyuk, M.D.
Moscow, Russian Federation
Dartmouth, 2013


Plastic Surgery Residents R1

Ronald Brown, M.D.
Youngstown, OH
Wright State University, 2014

Sara Neimanis , M.D.
New York, NY
University of Buffalo, 2014