Current Residents 2014-2015

PGY5 Chief Residents

Samar Alami, MD – Dartmouth Medical School    

Peter Chen, MD – Wake Forest University

Daniel Levin, MD – Dartmouth College         

Huan Huan (Joanne) Sun, MD – New York University

Dylan Nieman. MD – University of Southern California

PGY4 Residents

Linda Ding, MD- University of Washington

Roseanna Guzman-Curtis, MD – University of Rochester

James Iannuzzi, MD – New York University  

Michal Lada , MD – Collegium Medicum, Jagiellon University      

Bianca Redhead, MD – University of Rochester

Aaron Rickles, MD - Medical College of Wisconsin

Heidi Schubmehl, MD – University of California

PGY3 Residents

Nathania Figueroa-Guilliani, MD – Ponce School of Medicine      

Michelle Han , MD – Temple University

Kristin Kelly, MD – University of Rochester

Candice Lee, MD - Drexel University

Colin Powers, MD – University of Maryland 

Mehr Qureshi, MD – University of Rochester                            


PGY2 Residents

Adriane Argenio, MD – New York Medical College           

Shahin Ayazi, MD – Shahid Beheshti University

Paige Myers, MD – SUNY Upstate

Ankit Patel, MD – University of New Jersey   

Aaron Sabbota, MD – Wayne State University        

Aqsa Shakoor, MD – University of Rochester                                          

Emilie Wasserman, MD – University of Rochester                               

Zhaomin Xu, MD – University of Rochester

PGY1 Residents


Abdl-Rawf Al-Nowaylati, MD – University of Jordan  

Courtney Boodry, MD - University of Louisville

Alexander Cranwell, MD- Creighton University

Carla Justiniano, MD - Ohio State University

Laura Meadows, MD - University of Kansas

Peng Zhao, MD - Albert Einstein

Andrey Zuskov, MD - Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson



Francesco Cardelli, MD - Indiana University  

Alison Matich, MD - University of California


Preliminary Urology Surgery

Prabhakar Mithal - University of Massachusetts

Phillip Rappold, MD - University of Rochester