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Steven Wittlin

Co-Authors (17)

Co-Authors are people in Profiles who have published together.

Please note that this visualization requires a fast computer and video card. It might cause web browsers on slower machines to become unresponsive.
This cluster graph shows the co-authors (green circles) and top co-authors of co-authors (blue circles) of Steven Wittlin (red circle). The size of a circle is proportional to the number of publications that author has. The thickness of a line connecting two authors' names is proportional to the number of publications that they share. Options for customizing this network view are listed below the graph.
Click and drag the name of any author to adjust the clusters. Ctrl-click a name to view that person's network of co-authors. Alt-click a name to view that person's full profile. Please note that it might take several minutes for the clusters in this graph to form, and each time you view the page the graph might look slightly different.


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