RHIC Flow Analysis

RHIC flow cytometry analysis instrumentation is integrated into the URSMD Flow Cytometry Core Facility providing quality control, maintenance, and calibration services for flow users. Instruments available in the Flow Core can be viewed using the analysis page. To view user guidelines and billing & fee structure, please click on Billing & Fee Structure page. The RHIC 11-color and Flow Core 12-color are configured similarly except for an additional PMT on the violet laser that may be used with Q-dot 605. Any of the instruments may be reserved by registered flow users by following the online calendar link on the left. To become a registered user, fill out the new user form located on the Flow Core website. You will be contacted to schedule time for training before being given a username and password to access specific analysis instruments and the online reservation system. If you have additional questions, please contact Tim Bushnell (x3-5535) or Matt Cochran (x3-4473).

The following instruments are physically located in the RHIC Core Lab (MRB 2-9905):

18-color LSRII (via Flow Core)

18-Color Instrument Configuration

11-color LSRII (via Flow Core)

11-Color Instrument Configuration

Billing information and fee structure for the 18-color and 11-color LSRII can also be found on the Flow Core website's Billing & Fee Structure page.

When all considerations are equal, the RHIC encourages users to purchase BD reagents for flow cytometry since this supports URMC/BD instrument rental contracts.