Plastic Surgery

Endoscopic Technique

How the Procedure is Performed

This is a newer technique in which the surgeon makes several very small incisions on the scalp, rather than one long, continuous incision as in the traditional, coronal incision technique.

The surgeon inserts an endoscope into one of the small incisions. An endoscope is a very thin tube with a tiny light and video camera at one end that allows the surgeon to see the procedure on a video monitor. Through another small incision, the surgeon inserts tiny instruments that lift the forehead skin from the tissue and muscle below and allow the surgeon to modify or remove muscle, skin and tissue. The eyebrows can also be lifted during the procedure.

When the procedure is complete, your surgeon closes the incisions with small stitches and covers them with bandages.


All surgery involves some risk and uncertainty. Serious complications or side effects of this surgery are rare, but they include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Loss of feeling around the incisions
  • Damage to the nerves that control eyebrow motion, leaving you unable to wrinkle your forehead or raise your eyebrows (this side effect is very rare and may be corrected by further surgery).

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