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Dissemination & Implementation Resources

Researchers from across the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program have curated a list of resource catalogs relevant to the conduct of Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) science. The CTSA Program Compendium of D&I Catalogs includes frameworks/theories/models, methods/measures, funding resources, practice resources, training, and health equity resources. Included resource catalogs are curated/sponsored by academic and non-profit organizations with expertise in D&I, contain multiple resources that are systematically organized, and are (in almost all cases) both open-access and actively maintained/updated.

Find D&I Resources

Use the Sort and Filter functions below to view resources in categories of interest, or to view “featured resources.” Use this D&I Resource Suggestion Form to suggest a new catalog to include.

This resource was developed by Advancing Dissemination and Implementation Sciences in CTSAs working group, which focuses on meeting both the conceptual and practical challenges to advancing the utilization of D&I across the translational science spectrum. In particular, this group focuses on the “how” of D&I integration within CTSA Program hubs nationally, and on creating and disseminating practical tools, resources, and insights that hubs, like the UR CTSI, can use to fully realize the potential of D&I to enhance CTSA Program’s mission.