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About the CTSI

Helping researchers work faster and better


The University of Rochester Clinical and Translational Science Institute was one of the first 12 institutions to be funded by the Clinical and Translational Science Award Program at the National Institutes of Health. Since its inception in 2006, the CTSI has been continually funded by the CTSA program, which is now administered by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. In its first ten years, the CTSI provided pilot funding and training that helped researchers and students secure approximately $58 million in additional external funding to advance their studies. 


The CTSI develops, demonstrates and disseminates methods and approaches to advance translational research, by providing education and training, supporting transdisciplinary teams, improving quality and efficiency, and engaging community stakeholders.


By 2020, the CTSI will be a replicable model environment for research across the translational spectrum from molecules to populations that is responsive to community priorities, conducted by transdisciplinary, patient- and community-engaged teams, and that improves population health.



The CTSI promotes research that is reproducible, community-engaged and compliant with rules and regulations.


The CTSI manifests its compassion through our goal of improving population health and reducing health disparities in our communities.


The CTSI meets the commitments it makes to funders and the community.

We are accountable to the University, funding agencies, local and global communities, for whom we provide research and education programs.

We are committed to developing metrics of accountability consistent with these values.


The CTSI actively solicits community input to guide its work and acts upon that input.

We respect the differing values of the communities we serve, students, researchers, patients, and community members.

We are committed to the value of team science, which includes fostering a culture of transdisciplinary respect and active engagement with scientists of every background and perspective.


The CTSI strives to be a national model for excellence in translational science and research education programs.

We are dedicated to training and supporting researchers to enable them to achieve the highest quality of work in their fields.

We are committed to excellence in translational research at a national level, balancing efficiency, integrity and timeliness.

Who We Are

The CTSI helps research teams produce results better, faster and cheaper, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of communities and populations. We link researchers with the connections, resources and education they need for success.

Meet the team of people that make this possible