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Team Science

At the UR CTSI, we believe that a multidisciplinary team science approach is essential to promote innovation and improve efficiency of research collaborations and training. Below are some useful links to resources and tools to help researchers engage in team science.

NIH's Sample Partnering Agreement Template – This link provides a guide on how to create a partner agreement between collaborators.

Mentor Development Core

The goal of the Mentor Development Core is to expand, promote, and sustain mentor development across the University of Rochester. Contact the Research Help Desk for more information.

Team Science and Tenure

Did you know that SMD Faculty Promotions Criteria recognize the value of team science and collaboration? Learn more in this UR CTSI Stories blog article.

Matchmaking Report

The UR CTSI offers a Matchmaking service that can connect faculty members with established researchers who have obtained funding in their field. The report is built from data available through the NIH Reporter Matchmaker application, which analyzes large amounts of text and gives ranked results of projects that most closely resemble the concept and terms in the provided text. Researchers can supply a conference abstract, research statement, or other scientific text up to 15,000 characters.

To obtain a report, contact the Research Help Desk.

Collaboration Consultations

Need to find a collaborator with particular expertise? The UR CTSI Research Help Desk can introduce you to potential collaborators within the University of Rochester and other institutions, including additional CTSAs.

Community-Engaged Research

The UR CTSI Community Engagement Function has experts that will help you develop a multidisciplinary team that includes community partners. Visit the Community Engaged Research Services webpage to learn more.

Research Methods Forum

The UR CTSI's Research Methods Forum provides a forum for investigators to receive expert methodological consultations from a multidisciplinary team of experienced investigators. Outcomes often include recommendations to enhance collaboration.

To participate, contact the Research Help Desk.

NCI Team Science Toolkit

The Team Science Toolkit is a user-generated collection of information and resources that support the practice and study of team science. The Toolkit connects professionals from many disciplines, providing a forum for sharing knowledge and tools to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of team science initiatives.

NUCATS Team Science Online Learning Modules

These online learning modules are offered by Northwestern University and are grounded in empirical research and theory about the Science of Team Science (SciTS), and the experts interviewed are well-published in that domain. The four modules are intended to help researchers acquire and apply a basic knowledge of Team Science.

Science of Team Science Annual Conference

The Science of Team Science Annual Conference reviews the current state of knowledge in the SciTS field, highlights applications for enhancing team science, and discusses future directions for advancing SciTS to improve the global scientific enterprise.

NIH Multidisciplinary Funding Opportunities

To find a list of current federal funding type “multidisciplinary” as a keyword in the search function of