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OnCore is URMC’s new clinical trial management system. This system offers a central place for all researchers to manage their protocols, track research participant visits, and manage clinical trial finances – both pre- and post-award.

OnCore helps research teams focus on research participants, not paperwork. It streamlines many administrative tasks and integrates with other clinical and research-related systems (i.e. Workday, Epic), so research teams can enter data once and find it where they need it.

Why OnCore?

OnCore is industry-leading software in clinical research management and is used by top academic medical and cancer centers across the nation, including 43 NCI-designated cancers centers.

Get familiar with the platform with these resources from Advarra:

OnCore Overview | Return on Investment  | System Integrations  | Billing Compliance | Financials Management | Overview of Insights

Virtual On-Demand Support

Need help troubleshooting a specific issue in OnCore? Request one-on-one support via Zoom by emailing with a description of your issue. Our team will get back to you and set up a time to call or web conference. Make sure you have pertinent study documents and information on hand for your call.

Coming Soon

New functionality will soon be available in OnCore. Here’s what’s in store:


OnCore users will soon receive email alerts triggered by certain OnCore events, such as a protocol receiving IRB approval. Most notifications are automatically sent by OnCore when an event occurs, but a smaller number of notifications are sent manually when a notification link is clicked.

Task Lists

Task Management is designed to track protocol-related responsibilities, such as signoffs on draft contracts. Task lists are the active to-do lists used by study teams. Staff can:

  • See what tasks are assigned to themselves and others
  • Update task information, such as adding communications about the task or attachments related to the task
  • Add more tasks assigned to themselves (or to others, depending on permissions). For example, a staff member might want to break down a larger task into smaller steps and track progress made on each of the sub-steps.
  • Add completed dates when they finish their tasks.

Effort Tracking

The Effort Tracking module captures basic effort information. It is not intended to replace or become a payroll reporting system, but rather capture the amount of time and effort staff spend on protocol-related activities.