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Participant Payments

Participant Payments is a safe, secure automated system that helps immediately pay subjects after each clinical study visit. Integrated with OnCore, Participant Payments eliminates manual and inefficient processes, so research teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on patient care.

Simplify the payment workflow for everyone with Participant Payments

Study Coordinators

  • Pay study participants in three clicks with automated stipends (regardless of chosen payment method)
  • Make travel requests with in-app mileage calculations and receipt attachment uploads
  • Meet participants’ expectations and make them feel appreciated


  • Choose preferred compensation method (reloadable debit card, direct deposit or check)
  • Payment Cards can be used at ATM's and anywhere Visa cards are accepted
  • Payment methods are safe and more secure
  • Leave the visit with stipend payment “in hand”
  • View funds and set notification preferences through a web portal or mobile app

Finance Teams

  • Use the review queue to approve, modify or reject payment amounts that aren’t pre-approved
  • Track payments with built-in accounting and tax reports
  • Eliminate UR check processing (even if the participant chooses checks)