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Community Engagement Studios

Community Engagement Studios are currently being held virtually.

The UR CTSI and Center for Community Health & Prevention can help researchers obtain project-specific input from community and patient stakeholders to enhance research design, implementation, and dissemination. Our Community Engagement Studios, run by a team of community engagement experts, provide a structured approach to directly engaging members of the community for their guidance and input on specific research studies.

Researchers: Request a Studio

Submit an application or contact Laura Sugarwala for more information.

Community: Provide Input

Fill out our questionnaire or contact Laura Sugarwala to learn more.

The Process

  1. Once an application is received, we will review the request to better understand your needs and will set up an appointment.
  2. The Studio team will then pull together a panel of experts and identify an appropriate facilitator.
  3. The researcher and facilitator will meet remotely for 1-2 hours to prepare for the studio.
  4. All parties will gather virtually for a meeting facilitated by the Studio team. Studios are held on weekday evenings.
    • Researchers present their research question or problem.
    • Stakeholders provide feedback.
    • All parties complete a process evaluation