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Translational Science Training Resources

Translational scientists are critical to expediting the process of turning scientific discoveries into drugs, devices and interventions that improve the health of individuals and populations. The UR CTSI can help you cultivate the seven characteristics of a translational scientist and build competency in eight core domains. Peruse both local and national education and career development resources below.

UR CTSI Research Education Hub

Find a host of learning modules, developed and curated by the UR CTSI, on Black Board. These modules provide professionals and trainees across the translational research spectrum with an overview of the key considerations in the design and conduct of clinical and population health studies.

Faculty who are preparing to present at the Research Methods Forum are encouraged to review these resources as relevant so that they can effectively discuss their goals, methods, issues and limitations regarding study design, recruitment, funding, and beyond.

How to Access the Hub

  1. Log in to using your NET ID.
  2. Click the Courses tab on the top menu bar.
  3. If you are already enrolled, the UR CTSI Research Education Hub will be listed in your Course List. Select to access.

*If the UR CTSI Research Education Hub is not listed, follow these steps*

  1. Use the Course Search function to search for “Education Hub.”
  2. Enroll in the course using the Course ID drop down menu.
  3. The UR CTSI Research Education Hub should now be listed in your Course List.

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Teleresearch Training

We offer a teleresearch training course in Blackboard that covers the basics of remote research and highlights available resources and support for conducting teleresearch at the University. To access the course, log into Blackboard, search for CTSI Teleresearch training, and self-enroll.

National Education Resources

The Education and Career Development Gateway, hosted by the Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC), shares training resources and job opportunities from across the Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program.

Through the gateway, University of Rochester professionals and trainees can: