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Clinical & Translational Science Institute / Funding / Equity-Focused D&I Mini-Grants


Equity-Focused Dissemination and Implementation Mini-Grants

These mini-grants provide up to $2,000 to support equity-focused dissemination and implementation (EQ-DI) research, a field of science that uses a health equity lens to examine the process by which scientific evidence is implemented in clinical settings and communities. EQ-DI prioritizes health equity in the conception of dissemination and implementation activities and evaluates equity as an important outcome of those activities.

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These grants are intended to fund a wide range of EQ-DI activities, but not new research requiring de novo IRB approval. Examples of eligible expenses include:

  • Research activity related expenses (e.g., developing research questionnaires)
  • Focus group or key informant interview expenses
  • Design and piloting of surveys
  • Analyzing data, e.g. de-identified existing data, extracted electronic data, qualitative data
  • Meeting space rental
  • Materials, supplies, and items to support meetings/planning
  • Audio-visual, online, and written content

Past Projects

The community stakeholders' views on sexual health development support for adolescents 10-14 years in Rochester City, New York State, USA.
Sadandaula Rose Muheriwa, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Associate in the University of Rochester School of Nursing


If you have any content questions regarding the EQ-DI Mini-Grant Program, please contact any of three EQ-DI function leaders:

Kevin Fiscella, M.D., MPH:
James McMahon, Ph.D.
Reza Yousefi Nooraie: M.Sc., Ph.D.