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TriNetX Global Health Research Network

TriNetX LogoTriNetX is a global health research network that revolutionizes clinical research and enables discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence.

URMC joined the TriNetX Live network in April 2019. TriNetX replaces i2b2 as the primary patient cohort discovery tool, providing powerful and intuitive query building functions that allow investigators to query EMR data in a completely self-serviceable and secure way to obtain summary patient counts. Once the patient cohort is identified, investigators can work with UR CTSI Informatics team to obtain patient-level data for preparation to research.  TriNetX Analyze is a set of analytical tools available to compare cohorts and outcomes, including features to calculate incidence and prevalence.  The TriNetX Research Network allows users to design and query 69 million deidentified patient records across 40 health care institutions.

TriNetX Access Request

  1. Complete online self-paced training "TriNetX 101 - Basic Functionality Course" in MyPath (for URMC employees) or Blackboard (for Med center graduate students only).
    This training is prerequisite to have access to TriNetX.
  2. Complete the TriNetX Access Request Form. The CTSI informatics team will review and setup your TriNetX account access within 2~3 business day.

TriNetX Cohort Discovery Tool access:

To access the TriNetX tool itself click here: TriNetX Access.

Log In instructions are available under our Resources tab here: TriNetX LOGON

If you have questions or need support please contact us at:

Querying COVID data:

UR CTSI Informatics has released instructions how to use the TriNetX software to query for specific diagnoses and labs related to COVID19. Please reach out to CTSI Informatics if you have any questions.

Questions about TriNetX Analytics features?

Perhaps you're interested in the epidemiology behind ensuring these calculations are appropriate for your data or perhaps you have questions on how to correctly interpret results. Please fill out the CTSI Research Request Dashboard and a Senior Informaticist will be in touch to schedule a virtual conversation at your convenience.

Interested in Real World Evidence studies? 

Obtain a de-identified dataset from TriNetX Research Network.

  1. Ensure your query is conducted using Research Network of 69 million patients.  Once your query is final, click the yellow button marked “Request Dataset” inside the Query History bar on the right hand side, and follow the prompts.  If the data request is part of a funding application, TriNetX will designate a cost for the data set, which would be paid to TriNetX if the funding application is successful. Please note that if your project does not have funding, TriNetX waives dataset fees.
  2. TriNetX will create the Data Set Order form and send it to the PI.
  3. PI will initiate a new Data Use Agreement in IORA, attach the Data Set Order form as the Agreement, and specify that relating the new agreement to the existing master agreement DUA00000116. The PI will sign the attestation on the Data Set Order Form and ORPA will sign on behalf of the University of Rochester.
  4. PI will send the signed Data Set Order to TriNetX.
  5. TriNetX will email the PI with a fully executed Data Set Order form and a link to the data set.
  6. If you have questions or need support please contact


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