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Participant Payments

Participant Payments is a safe, secure automated system that helps immediately pay participants after each clinical study visit. Integrated with OnCore, Participant Payments eliminates manual and inefficient processes, so research teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on patient care. 


Study Coordinators

  • Pay study participants in three clicks with automated stipends (regardless of chosen payment method)
  • Make travel requests with in-app mileage calculations and receipt attachment uploads
  • Meet participants’ expectations and make them feel appreciated


  • Choose preferred compensation method (reloadable debit card, direct deposit or check)
  • Payment cards can be used at ATM's and anywhere Visa cards are accepted
  • Payment methods are safe and more secure
  • Leave the visit with stipend payment “in hand”
  • View funds and set notification preferences through a web portal or mobile app

Finance Teams

  • Use the review queue to approve, modify or reject payment amounts that aren’t pre-approved
  • Track payments with built-in accounting and tax reports
  • Eliminate UR check processing (even if the participant chooses checks)


Participant Payments simplifies the process of reimbursing clinical trial and health research study participants for their time.

Get Started

To get started in Participant Payments, submit a Project Request Form to gain access to the system. Current users can log in to the payment platform.

Get Training

Training materials for Participant Payments are available on the URMC Intranet.


Research coordinators and financial approvers can access helpful Participant Payments documents for study staff and participants in Box.


Questions may be directed to


What will it cost me to use Participant Payments?
Like most services, there are fees associated with using Participant Payments. There will be a one-time activation fee of $1.50 for each reloadable Participant Payments card and an $0.80 fee each time you load the card for a visit stipend. Departments will be responsible for paying those fees and the OCR team will work with study teams to build these fees into their study budgets.

How do Participant Payments users get access to specific protocols?
Upon request to use Participant Payments through the Protocol Setup Request Form, OCR Finance will give access to users after verification that training for Participant Training has been completed.

Do we need to collect social security numbers when using Participant Payments?
Use of Participant Payments will not require the collection of a participant's social security number until their annual cumulative study payments reach $275.

Are store-bought gift cards the same as Participant Payments Cards?
No. Store-bought gift cards are not the same as Participant Payments Cards.

I am locked out of Participant Payments, what should I do?
If you are locked out of Participant Payments, plese contact OCR Finance,

Who do participants contact for questions about how to use the debit card or lost/stolen cards?
The first line of contact for the participant should always be the study coordinator on the study.

How do we handle participants that are on more than one study?
Participants will only receive one reloadable debit card, even if the studies are across multiple departments. The participant will be linked to each protocol and payments are made on that card. Journal entries for respective payments to the participant will be sent to the respective department.