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Research Finance

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) helps teams manage clinical research finances from start to finish.


Pre-Award Services

  • Create a minimal protocol shell in OnCore, which your team must complete using the minimum footprint
  • Create a study calendar in OnCore, which your team must validate
  • Create study budget in OnCore
  • Negotiate budget with study sponsor, working closely with you
    • ORPA negotiates the language of the clinical trial agreement, we negotiate the part of the agreement that speaks to the study budget
  • Work with Research Compliance to get your study approved, after which your team will need go through the ORPA process for signatures

Post Award Services

  • Invoice the study sponsor
  • Track payments and link them back to the invoice in OnCore
  • Follow up on invoices

Your team will need to reconcile your account and file any HRMS forms for staff.

Research Billing Review

  • Research billing review for each patient over the life of study
  • Reviewing patient information in eRecord, approve study charges
  • At your request, we can also review monthly statements and process them for you


The OCR is committed to helping study teams obtain reimbursement for their study-related costs. We can provide memos for sponsors that state our costs related to various aspects of study management. We are also available to consult on strategies to get the costs covered. Please email to request a consultation.


Before funding is awarded (pre-award), our team will help you determine Medicaid/Medicare coverage, analyze the study cost and timeline, negotiate budgets with study sponsors, and enter budget information into the university’s new clinical trial management system, OnCore. After funding is awarded (post-award), we will help with invoicing, revenue reconciliation, review of patient’s accounts, and more.

Get Started

To request Research Finance Services, email

Get Training

Initial required OnCore training is sent to users when they request OnCore access. OCR offers refresher one-on-one sessions to help OnCore users troubleshoot issues. Many videos and training guides are also available on the URMC Intranet.


The OCR maintains a set of resources related to key aspects of clinical trials that departments involved in clinical trials can utilize. URMC research coordinators, administrators, and faculty can access and download tip sheets, memos, directions, and other important documentation to help them with various stages and aspects of clinical trials.


Questions can be directed to

Past Projects


It has been a pleasure working with the Office of Clinical Research. They are truly experts in OnCore and have a great deal of experience negotiating with sponsors and invoicing for clinical trials. They are thorough, reliable, and accurate." - Margaret M. Parisi, Senior Financial Analyst, URMC Department of Dermatology


Is there a cost for these services?

There are fees associated with our pre-award, post-award and research billing review services. Please email for more information about service fees.

What should I do if I cannot find an item on the Charge Master?

Email with the rate and CPT code, if needed.

What should I do if I do not see the budget signoff button?

You will need to send an email to to inform our team that the study calendar in OnCore is approved. Once you have done this, we will push the complete button for the calendar, which will make the budget sign off button available for you to see.

What questions do I need to answer on the QCT checklist?

For studies that are not a qualifying clinical trial (QCT), in the Coverage Analysis Console QCT checklist answer YES for question 1 and answer NO for question 6. If you believe you have a qualifying clinical trial, contact the Research Compliance Office.