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ResearchMatch is a website with national reach that brings together researchers and people who are interested research studies. Researchers from participating institutions­­, which includes the University of Rochester, can use it to recruit volunteers for IRB-approved research studies.

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Feasibility Assessment 

Researchers can search the ResearchMatch database to assess the availability of volunteers who match the eligibility criteria for a study. Results of a feasibility assessment are provided as an aggregate count without individual-level information. Feasibility assessments can be conducted before a study has IRB-approval to use ResearchMatch.

Search criteria include (but are not limited to):

  • Geographic factors (state and distance from institution)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical characteristics (height, weight, BMI)
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Health status (diagnosed diseases and conditions)
    • Absence of diagnoses is also captured for healthy volunteers
  • Medication history
  • Twin status
  • Tobacco use
  • Veteran status

Recruiting Volunteers 

Researchers can search for - and invite - registrants to participate in their study.

ResearchMatch provides tools for researchers to:

  • Assess how many individuals in the registry meet the eligibility criteria for a study
  • View non-identifying demographic information, like gender and age, for individuals who meet study criteria
  • Add an IRB-approved recruitment message for the system to send to individuals who meet study criteria
  • Receive contact information (within the secure ResearchMatch system) when individuals grant permission to be contacted about your study
  • Track enrollment metrics
  • NEW! Contact volunteers in Spanish! If you have an IRB-approved Spanish contact message, you can use the new language filter on ResearchMatch to send it to Spanish-speaking individuals.

Get Started

Create an account and follow the prompts to register. You must use your University email address. Upon registration, you will have Feasibility Access automatically.

The IRB submission and approval process as well as the workflow for contacting volunteers is detailed in the University of Rochester ResearchMatch site instructions. Key steps:

  • Get IRB approval: Every study requesting Recruitment Access must receive IRB approval to use ResearchMatch. Researchers will need to complete the ResearchMatch request form and submit it to the IRB. This form must include the recruitment message which will be sent to matched volunteers. To retain communication pathways within ResearchMatch, information identifying the study investigator(s) and how to contact recruitment coordinators must be omitted from this message.
  • Upload study-specific information: Researchers will enter study details and upload the IRB-approval letter and IRB-approved ReesearchMatch Request Form (PDF format). Following verification of IRB approval to use ResearchMatch for recruitment, the requesting researcher will receive notice that access has been granted.
  • Identify potential volunteers: Researchers can search the ResearchMatch database to assess how many individuals meet the eligibility criteria for their study, to view non-identifying descriptions of potential matches, and to add the IRB-approved recruitment message for their study.
  • Communicate with potential volunteers: ResearchMatch sends the study recruitment message to matched volunteers to inform them about a new opportunity to participate. After an individual responds with permission to be contacted about the study, their personal contact information is made available to the researcher within the secure ResearchMatch system so the researcher can follow up.

Get Training

Training webinars are available as well as pre-recorded tutorials once you've registered and logged in to the system.


I have an IRB-approved protocol for my own condition-specific registry. Can I use ResearchMatch to recruit volunteers to my own registry?

No, ResearchMatch volunteers cannot be recruited for the purpose of populating a researcher’s own recruitment database.

Can I use ResearchMatch to conduct political opinion polls or market research?

No, ResearchMatch should only be used for health research studies. Any study that uses ResearchMatch must have at least one health-related outcome.


If you would like assistance with the IRB submission process, or if you need help using ResearchMatch to find volunteers, please contact one of the University’s ResearchMatch Liaisons (viewable on the ResearchMatch dashboard after logging in) or email