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URMC / Clinical & Translational Science Institute / Stories / April 2018 / UR CTSI Offers Survey to Understand, Improve Participants’ Research Experience

UR CTSI Offers Survey to Understand, Improve Participants’ Research Experience

Research participant taking survey on a laptop computerGetting volunteers to participate in clinical studies is essential to the clinical research enterprise, but their experience is very rarely assessed.  The UR CTSI in collaboration with 13 other institutions developed the Research Participant Survey, which is available to all investigators and is designed to gauge participants’ experiences during a research study. 

The Research Participant Survey consists of 23 questions which address the full continuum of a participant’s experience from consent to study completion. The survey also collects detailed demographic data so the institution can evaluate participants’ experiences within different socioeconomic groups.

A previous study showed that a longer version of the survey provided investigators with concrete information that can be used to improve participants’ experiences, as well as protections for participants and the general conduct of clinical research. 

UR CTSI aims to ask every volunteer who participates in a study at the University of Rochester to complete the 10 minute Research Participant Survey. Any investigator who would like to collect feedback from their study participants can access the survey in REDCap. The survey can be implemented at the department, study or investigator level. 

Responses from participants will guide future work and will help us make the research experience as engaging as possible.

For a link to the survey in REDCap, contact the Research Help Desk

Michael Hazard | 4/23/2018

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