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URMC / Clinical & Translational Science Institute / Stories / February 2017 / CTSI Offers New Matchmaking Service: the Research Teambuilder

CTSI Offers New Matchmaking Service: the Research Teambuilder

matchmaker zandThe CTSI is offering a new Matchmaking service, which can connect faculty members with established researchers who have obtained funding in their field.  The report is built from data available through the NIH Reporter Matchmaker application, which analyzes large amounts of text and gives ranked results of projects that most closely resemble the concept and terms in the provided text.  Researchers can supply a conference abstract, research statement, or other scientific text up to 15,000 characters.

Your personalized Matchmaker report created by the CTSI is broken into two sections: a funding climate report at the top and a ranked listing of the top six research projects that most closely match the supplied text at the bottom.  The funding climate report provides three funding graphs: funding by institute, activity code, and study section. The Matchmaker report can assist researchers who are looking for the right home for their grant in finding NIH Institutes and Centers that have funded similar work and where that work was reviewed.

The bottom section of the report provides a ranked list of projects and researchers that are most closely related to the research area in the submitted text. This information can be used to forge new research collaborations; recruit new faculty members; identify mentors for junior faculty members and students; and help faculty better understand the types of research projects that are already underway.

We have included two sample reports for viewing here:

Matchmaker report for Martin S. Zand, MD, PhD

Matchmaker report for Nancy M. Bennett, MD

If you would like your own personalized Matchmaker report, please contact the CTSI Research Help Desk at

Michael Hazard | 2/24/2017

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