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URMC / Clinical & Translational Science Institute / Stories / November 2022 / UR CTSI’s Chief of Staff Eric Rubinstein Retires, Succeeded by Jane Tolbert

UR CTSI’s Chief of Staff Eric Rubinstein Retires, Succeeded by Jane Tolbert

UR CTSI Chief of Staff Eric Rubinstein, J.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., will retire in December, after 15 years of dedicated service to the institute. He will be succeeded by Jane Tolbert, Ph.D., who is currently senior administrator in the Office of Academic Affairs. Tolbert will officially join the UR CTSI’s ranks as senior director of administration on December 1.Eric Rubinstein, JD, MPH, MBA

“Eric has been a pillar of the UR CTSI’s administration for 15 years, almost from the institute’s beginning,” said UR CTSI Co-Director Martin Zand, M.D., Ph.D. “He has helped build the UR CTSI into the trusted institution-wide resource it is today and leaves big shoes to fill.”

Rubinstein joined the UR CTSI in 2007 as the founding director of the Office of Regulatory Support and quickly rose through the ranks. In 2017, he became the UR CTSI chief of staff, overseeing all of the administrative and financial operations of the institute and working closely with UR CTSI leaders. During his tenure with the UR CTSI, Rubinstein facilitated a major organizational restructure, helped refine and streamline central administrative processes, and guided a quick and seamless transition to remote work at the very beginning of the COVID pandemic.

“Eric has been an invaluable partner, helping bring our vision for the UR CTSI to life and supporting our growing workforce,” said UR CTSI Co-Director Nancy “Nana” Bennett, M.D., M.S. “He will be deeply missed, and we wish him a very happy retirement.”

After so many years of service, Rubinstein has chosen this moment to transition from the workforce to prioritize his health and optimize his quality of life. He is looking forward to enjoying retirement by spending more time with his husband, dogs and cats, and splitting time between his home in Rochester and a new apartment in Berlin.

“The UR CTSI has been my home for the past decade and a half,” said Rubinstein. “I’ll miss the institute and all of the wonderful people I have worked with, but I’m looking forward to the next phase of my life.”

During November, Rubinstein will work to transition his institutional knowledge to his successor. Tolbert will officially begin her position as senior director of administration for the UR CTSI on December 1, but will continue to devote a portion of her effort toward the URMC Office of Academic Affairs temporarily.  

“Dr. Tolbert brings a vast and varied experience to the UR CTSI,” said Bennett. “Having previously worked in administrative roles in higher education and both clinical and biomedical research, she will bring a unique perspective on UR CTSI operations and the needs of the university research community.”

Jane Tolbert, PhDTolbert has more than 15 years of experience in higher education, ranging from medical school administration, to managing grants and contracts in the UR Office of Research Projects Administration, also known as ORPA. She has also worked as a project manager in the clinical trials industry and conducted biomedical research of her own while obtaining a doctorate in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Dairy Science) from the University of Glasgow.

“Dr. Tolbert’s reputation precedes her,” said Zand. “She is widely respected by colleagues and peers across the University and is known for her excellent service and her ability to identify and resolve issues.”

Tolbert kicked off her transition into her new position on November 1, by joining the UR CTSI in Washington D.C. for the In-Person Annual CTSA Program Meeting, where she also attended a special orientation for new CTSA Program hub administrators. Though she’s already familiar with a lot of institutional players and administrative processes, Tolbert is working on getting acquainted with the UR CTSI’s financial portfolio as well as its personnel.

“I first came to the University of Rochester when the UR CTSI was launched and I’ve been interested in its mission ever since,” said Tolbert. “I’m excited to join the institute and look forward to supporting the UR CTSI team. This truly is my dream job!”

Michael Hazard | 11/11/2022

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