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Raindrop Near Vision Treatment

Take a Break from Reading Glasses!

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Introducing the near vision revolution for people over 40.

Do You:

  • Still enjoy uncorrected distance vision without having had LASIK or cataract surgery?
  • Need reading glasses since you turned 40?
  • Want excellent close-up vision without reading glasses?

Then Raindrop may be right for you!

As we age, most of us gradually lose the ability to see things close up. This is due to a common vision condition called presbyopia. If you have trouble reading a phone, working at the computer, or crafting without wearing reading glasses, you likely have presbyopia. If you find this a growing inconvenience, we have a solution.

Raindrop vision inlay is a tiny, clear lens that can be implanted in your eye in less than 15 minutes. As a result of raindrop, most people regain near vision and return to doing fine, up-close tasks without the aid of glasses. And, it works without unwanted eye strain or keeping objects at arm’s length.

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