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Job Openings

Lab Manager/Research Assistant

We are seeking a responsible and reliable individual with a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in any area of the Life Sciences, with hands-on experience in lab work to become our resident lab manager / research assistant.

Roles include rodent colony management, tissue sample processing and analysis, cell culture, lab maintenance and administrative duties.

Postdoctoral Associate

This position will focus on using mouse and rat models of retinal degeneration, including mutations that cause retinitis pigmentosa, induced photo-toxicity and retinal detachment, to investigate the physiological and molecular mechanisms that underlie pathophysiological changes in the neuronal network of the inner retina. Death of the photoreceptors in the outer retina triggers a major pathophysiological phenomenon in the inner retina known as remodeling, which degrades residual vision and precludes meaningful vision restoration. We have identified retinoic acid and its receptor as critical in triggering remodeling and are designing and implementing therapeutic strategies to block its activation in the relevant retinal neurons. We are also interested in identifying other targets and elucidating the signaling cascade downstream to retinoic acid receptor activation. We employ methodology encompassing molecular biology, electrophysiology and visually-guided behavioral tasks. 

Applicants are required to have a Ph.D. and should have a strong background in cellular and molecular neuroscience, physiology and pharmacology, or vision science. Prior experience working with rodents, or in molecular cloning and genetic engineering is preferred. Experience in any electrophysiological technique, Calcium-imaging, neuronal morphology reconstruction and other imaging-related methods would be advantageous. Proven understanding of advanced statistical analysis is required. Please submit your application including a CV and the names and contact information of three professional references to Michael Telias 

Graduate Students

We are seeking to recruit graduate students. Research will be highly interdisciplinary, and can include a combination of molecular biology, neuroscience, vision science and computational biology.

Research can be exclusive to our lab or in collaboration with other labs at UofR.