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Joint Wellness Program

Our Joint Wellness program is tailored to those with osteoarthritis and other joint related pain. We focus on low impact movements to maximize strength and mobility while minimizing stress on the joints. Our program uses evidence-based programming to create a workout suitable for all fitness levels and backgrounds. Each session includes:

  • A warm-up with gentle stretching to prepare your body for exercise.
  • Resistance training to strengthen your muscles to help support your body and improve overall physical function.
  • Aspects of flexibility, mobility, balance, and coordination to enhance quality of life and joint health.

This class provides a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals looking to manage their condition and maintain optimal health.

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$15/per class
Multi-pack discount available. Inquire for details.

Adult Fitness Program

Our Adult Fitness Program class is designed for individuals looking to begin their fitness journey with a solid foundation of strength and functional fitness. Each session will cover the essential movements for every muscle group while focusing on proper technique to ensure safety and effectiveness. With a gradually increasing intensity, participants will be challenged to improve their strength, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being.

During each session, coaches will lead you through:

  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Comprehensive power and strength-based workout
  • Cardiovascular conditioning

Whether your goal is to embark on a new fitness path, or improve overall athletic performance, this class is for you.

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$15/per class -
Multi-pack discount available. Inquire for details.

Speed Development Program

Our Speed Development class is tailored to runners looking to enhance their performance through targeted speed and agility training. Led by experienced coaches, this class will begin with:

  • an engaging dynamic warm-up
  • running specific drills to improve strength, length, cadence, posture, and overall running mechanics

Using evidence-based training, participants will develop explosive strength, quickness, and coordination essential for reaching those personal records. Throughout the class, you will receive personalized feedback and guidance to ensure you maximize your running potential. This class offers a structured and supportive environment to unleash your full potential on the track, road, or trail.

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$15/per class  -  
Multi-pack discount available. Inquire for details.

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Appointments or questions, please call (585) 341-9200 or email FitnessScience@urmc.rochester.edu.